Cuffy York Dentistry


At Cuffy York Dentistry, we use state of the art, 21st century dental care delivered in a comfortable, timely, relaxed modern facility.


At our office technology truly can deliver better quality dentistry. No other office in the tri-
state offers more technological wizardry than ours.

  • The Microprep: No shot, no drill Dentistry
  • Zoom Whitening: Whiter Teeth in 1 hour to give you a dazzling smile. As seen 
    on ABC'S Extreme Makeover!
  • NDYAG Laser: Soft tissue laser, which improves gum tissue treatments and 
    surgeries without pain and discomfort.

  • Intra Oral Cameras: Magnify 40x the teeth for improved diagnosis and patient education.
  • Cosmetic Imaging: See your results on the computer before the case is actually 
  • The Wand: Computerized pump driven anesthetic device that has revolutionized 
    the way anesthetic is delivered. No more numb lips or tongues!
    you wait...just one appointment
  • Dental Implants: Replace missing teeth or stabilize your denture with dental 
    implants, placed in our office in about an hour!
Patient Comfort:

We know a visit to the dentist makes some people anxious. We share your concerns and  strive to make every dental visit as comfortable as possible. We offer conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and the wand anesthetic delivery system for imperceptible injections. All operatories are equipped with wall mounted television sets.  Of course we offer microprep air abrasion, NO SHOT, NO DRILL, dentistry.


650 3rd Avenue

Chesapeake, Ohio

Ph: (740) 867-3161

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